Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wish I knew...

Today Tim took me to his parents house. They had a Graduation celebration for him ( read my other posts).
As I was sitting there listening, taking it all in today - I just felt at peace. At home. Ok.

Tim can hold me confidently in one arm, while introducing me to whoever it may be - and be so sure. I look at him all the time and think that someone should pinch me that this man cannot be this wonderful?
And im not saying hes flawless im saying it feels good to feel that connection. I just wish I knew why....

We did not have Madaya with us, however we did have his 3.
They are so fun to watch and play with. They love Madaya and talk of and ask of her often. I wish she could have been there to meet his parents, and I know that will come in time, but it was nice to hear out of his mouth ( I cannot remember who he was talking to) but he said " between the two of us we have 4, ages 11, 9 , 6 and 3... "
It was a wonderful day and I take everything he says, others say and the way he is all in and I just wish I knew right now how he can be soooo confident.

Is it just me being scared?
Is it just me gaurding my heart?

I wish I knew him while he worked so hard to get through school. I look at him and am so proud for him and all hes acommplished and can only imagine the late nights, the struggles, the sweat the pain and the worry and joys hes endured to get there. Although I am extremely happy to be holding his hand and supporting him right now...and through his graduation, I just wish I knew him then too!

Wish I knew I could be this nuts!

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