Monday, January 25, 2010

Its hard being a pup!

You asked - Here it is... the update.
Hanna has been home for 2 weeks now.
Fun times! Lol. That sums alot up.
No, actually it's been pretty good. She has been so good, and fits perfectly with our family.
Big sister Kia, has finally started playing with her, and showing her how to be a dog ( well our dog ), Hanna has decided puppy chow is not good enough for her and now demands to be fed what kia eats ( we make and buy some dog food ). Her favorite game is chasing Madaya around the house, and seems to have taken to resting on Kia's rawhide. She doesnt chew on it, rather using it as a pillow. Weirdo. I am so happy we spent the money on the nice dog bed ( can you see me rolling my eyes? ).

Oh hanna....
We love you!