Monday, February 14, 2011

Love is in the air - Valentine's Day

A wonderful valentine's day!

I was kind of apprehensive about Valentine's Day this year. After all it hasn't been the best of holidays in the past, ya know?!
This year I had something very simple planned. A nice little gift for Tim, dinner at a nice restaurant and a game or 2 of pool where we had our first official date.
We got the kids all a little something and sent them off to school, and went on with our days.
I took Madaya to her pre-school Valentine's Day party and handed out her little valentine's day cards, then to her counseling appointment. Then I sent Daya to Grammy's for the night, and headed home.
When Tim got home from work I had his gift on the front porch, told him he cant come in, and a poem about the next step...
After following all the clues the night go underway with a game of pool at Far West billiards, and then a late night dinner at catacombs, an underground restaurant that we fell in love with.

The whole day and night was amazing!

A happy couple!

Tim's gift : A planner with one of my fav. scriptures engraved

Daya handing out her valentines

The kids goodies: 2 puppy cookies for the girls, and sponge bob kabobs for the boys

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Save the date

Save the date...

Tim and I have set our wedding date. The fact that it will come sooner, rather than later is no surprise and it actually happened quite easily.
Originally when talking about when, we decided that July would be nice, we toyed with a few ideas there, and then settled on June 27th.
After a couple of weeks of kicking that date around, something just didn't feel right to both of us. I kind of though maybe later in the summer, but nothing seemed to work.
Tim thought earlier - but I wasn't for that.
Tim told me there is an education conference that he would like to attend in late June, and that unless we moved our date, he would be leaving the day after we marry -- I don't know about you, but that didn't and is not what should happen.
The next afternoon I was calling places to see about where to have the wedding. I called one place and she said the only thing they had available for this summer was June 17th. The price was right ( see other post ) and the location was going to be great.
We headed up to look at the facility and meet the coordinator that evening - and the rest is history.

It is with much joy that I tell you that in a very small ceremony and reception with close friends and family Tim and I will wed on...

June 17th, 2011

Stay tuned for some wedding details

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ENT visit

I took Madaya in today for her hearing test... those results weren't good at all.
Right ear with a loss of 40% hearing and negative 200 pressure and Left ear with 20% loss and negative 175 pressure =
A complete exam from the ENT and a final Dx that her ears are not functioning well due to the amount of fluid behind the ears the RX is tubes.
The ENT also discovered her tonsils and adenoids are swollen and causing sinus issues, so has recommended those be removed!
The ENT believes that Daya's allergies may actually be the back up of fluid in her sinuses because there is no where else for it to go because of the adenoids being so large.

Surgery will be March 7th. They will place bi lateral tubes, remove the tonsils and remove the adenoids.

Everyone says she will be like a whole new kid!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Strep --- and the joys of it

3 sicko's
Daya (4) Brandon(9) Lauren(7)

Tim and I took 3 of the kids to the Dr today you can imagine the pure delight :).
We went in with 3 sick kids and a sick mom/step mom but we left with :
3 ++ quick strep tests
2 girls with double ear infections
1 boy with infantigo/staph in the nose
4 fevers above 101
and prescriptions for everything listed.

Let the fun begin!