Monday, April 27, 2009

WLS Update : 1 Month Post op

Today marks my 1 month " surgiversary! ".

For the most part I feel pretty good about everything and about how I am doing and the whole ins and outs, but theres still alot of wonder, worry and doubt as to if I am doing something or anything right.
Everyone who has been through this assures me that this is all completely normal and I wouldnt be a true RNYer if I didnt think, feel and wonder all this stuff. That keeps me grounded though.

This whole journey has been a learning adventure, and to this day its still throwing curves at me.

I am now eating up to 4oz in most meals... pushing for 6 meals a day. But usually lucky to force down 4. When I say force I do mean FORCE! I am getting alot better about getting my fluids in ( 80oz + ) and I am failing misserably at the whole 80 grams a day of protein. This is when I have to remind myself that I AM ONLY A MONTH OUT!!!
Im really lucky with my pouch though. I do handle most foods really well. Even foods that some post op's NEVER are able to eat again i.e. Eggs, milk, spices, sweets.
Now the sweet's could get me in the end. I havent pushed it but I do know it tolerate alot more sugar that most do. I havent truely had a dumping session yet ( if you dont know what " dumping " is ... google it. ) so I havent experianced the pain, sweats, lethargy, and missery that comes with all that and I can honestly say I am ok with that. I do stay away from those things.

People are asking more and more - What do you miss? Is there anything you want? so here you go.
Is there anything I want? well... as in food? YES. I crave chinese. Its a no no! and as in life? YES. I want people to start to relax and relize how far I have come and that even in this short amount of time its clear this was the best choice!

Heres another Question I get - Do you regret anything about this?
NO - My answer is NO. Yes, its hard. Yes, I get scared but I do not regret anything about this journey, I have been learning so much and the only thing I regret is not realizing I shoulda saught help sooner. I love not taking 13+ pills a day. I love the freedom of knowing my medical conditions arent holding me down, back or in anymore... I dont regret anything for one minute. I feel my story has been blessed. Its been relatively easy to make the changes, and totally worth the work I have had to and continue to need to put into it all!

As for my progress :

I know I have lost somewhere around 16" total over my body. And around 30lbs since surgery 4 weeks ago but not sure how much exactly. I hate the scale!
I am comfortably wearing a size 14/16 pant and a 16 jeans. XL shirt.
I will weigh in soon, but not right now. I just cant.

I really REALLY feel I am not loosing like I should be - but yet they assure me I am! It still plays major mind games with me.
That being said we do know I would be doing even better if I could get my thyroid to regulate, my water intake up all the time and in general stick to my eating every 2 hours.
I really HATE seeing the pre-op and day of pics - I think I need to retire the outfit too.. its getting too big and is now stained beyond saving. Excuse the crappy pics but you get the idea!

and just because I dont ALWAYS wear pajamas...

60lbs to go!!!