Saturday, August 15, 2009

My 10 affirmations, or something like it

Last week I blogged that Dr. Palmer wanted me to write out 10 self Affirmations
So here's what I turned in. I suggest that anyone who is having any self issues sits down and tries this excersize. It's not anywhere close to easy for me to do this, and I would think it wouldn't come that easily for anyone, esp those with self image or self worth issues.
How to : Slow down long enough to think about yourself. Now write down 10 things about your-self. 10 -self affirmations. Have fun
10 Affirmations about me - by me
1. I am STRONG
In all that I do, even if I feel it's too much or more than I could or would want to handle - I am strong. I am strong and always do well.
An ear to listen, a shoudler to cry on? A can of food, or the shirt of my back? A simple hug or I love you? I am good at all of these and more. I am giving and loving.
Sounds conceided, but its true. I do know this. Sometimes I stare at myself and think how lucky I am. When my eyes are green with happiness and my skin is well hydrated and I am feeling well - I beleive I glow. I beleive I am beautiful.
4. I am HONEST
I own my mistake, own up to my faults and never lie. In all my actions and words I am honest.
I give all my love and deserve it right back. Anyform or Anyways I am worth loving.
6. I am a " GOOD " PERSON
I never try to intentionally hurt someone or something. I like to be unto others as I would like them to be to me. I am a " good " person.
7. I am " HAPPY"
I always try to find the good in situations, news or things. I am always " happy " with looking at it as " its a 1/2 full glass " it takes alot to truely upset me or my thinking. I am " Happy".
Along with the others hats I wear day in and day out I have 2 major accomplishments. My Husband and my Daughter. I always try to do my best for them and by them often times putting myself completely aside. I am a great mother and wife.
As you can see I haven't yet thought of #9 and #10. Its much harder than I thought it would be....
But it's a start!