Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Wrap Up

It has been a long weekend full of Halloween fun, when weston ( who is the oldest ) returned home Sunday night from tricker treating it was a sigh of releif for Tim, who hates halloween. We had been go go go since friday with a few Harvest parties, carnivals and then Weston got to trick or treat on Halloween ( while I was in the hospital, and Tim stayed home with the other 3 ). Here is our wrap up to Halloween
* I will release the other Halloween shots, and posts soon *
Westons Loot


Weston and Dad checking it out ( wanna guess how much Tim ate? )

Monday, October 25, 2010

Divorce Trial

This morning came and gone, just as I prayed it would. First of all let me say, that GOD IS GOOD. And I beleive that he is the sole reason I have been able to get through this as well as I have.
As many of you know ( and some will soon learn through blog releases ) Mike didn't ever properly respond and our divorce that was originally mutual and both signed, made it all the way to trial almost 9 months later!
So today ....

I walked into the court room not knowing what to expect but prayed that it would go smooth, without drama and that there would be a knowledge of truth, and justice.

Mike did call in from Lousiana, and the Judge proceeded with Trial.
I am going to spare the ugly details cause I don't think its necissary but in the end the judgment is this :

Mike has limited visitation on a Long Distance plan - Meaning Madaya my fly to Lousianna up to 3 times per year and for the first 2 years will be only for a week at a time. Mike must pay for her to fly there, and must accompany her both ways everytime, himself.
Mike has to pay childsupport based on his previous earnings ( he has since quit jobs and isnt working ).
Mike has to pay Allimony for 18 months at 250.00 a month until he pays back what should have been my 1/2 of the money he spent from cashing in his 401k.
I took debt of the marriage in the amount of 1700.00. He took none, but his own and the truck.
Mike does have to pay the eviction from the house on Harder from August 2010.
I get to claim Madaya for Tax and School this year, and any year he is not current in his support obligations.

After 6 long hours of trial were done... and all should be said and final by November 19th.

In a nut shell there it is.

I am happy with the outcome, and so glad I didn't ask for any of what the judge gave. Instead waited it and and prayed for what was just and as fair as possible.

Let the final days count down...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A bunch of apple pickers...

Tim and I met with Selina today to take the kids up to greenbluff after church - Our mission was originally to pick apples for my fall baking, and canning ( but they were over picked ) so we ended up playing in the orchard for a bit and selecting a few choice apples for our enjoyment! Later that day we headed to the pumpkin patch to select our pumpkins... ( stay tunned )

The Ripe apples too high to reach!

Miss. Peabody showing off her choice!

Bears do know how to pick nice apples!

And Roo's LOVE apples too!

Pumpkin Pickers up next....

Pumpkin Pickers

While at Greenbluff today Tim and I let the kids pick their pumpkins out... We had alot of fun watching all four of them ( and their cousins ) scurry about the pumpkin hill looking for just the right one.
Weston was a bit disapointed, but proud, when the giant pumpkin that he packed up the hill, outweighed all the other 3 combined and he had to select a smaller, more affordable one. All in all though we had a great day and on the way home we got to enjoy our fresh picked apples too!
There's nothing better than a day on the growers bluff, than a day on the bluff with some people you love!

Here is my pic of the patch :)

Laurens pumpkin

Westons heavy pumpkin

Roo's a pro picker

Brandons choice

Our 4 wrapping up the day

Friday, October 8, 2010

A little time, and alot to say

I have so much to say and only a little time, so I will briefly sum it up how is that.
I logged in to my email today to find about 10 emails from previous blog followers. They were mainly wondering if I fell off the face of the earth. So I log in here and low and behold its been since August that I released a blog. Now, to be fair I have been blogging ( you know I use it as my journal ) and most are just kept private, esp until most of my mess is clear. So... with that here you have it.

It's been a month since I moved in with Tim. Things are amazing. He lives downstairs, and I am upstairs. The bathroom did get done, the kitchen has allot to do, and everything is on hold as we litterally have no money. In fact the house is in for closure as he has been with out work now for 6 months ( In case your counting, he lost his job right after we met ). But, in the end we are wonderful and lucky to have a roof over our heads.

as to my divorce. Nope- nothing yet. We go to trial the 25th of October, and I have no idea what to think. I think its ridicules that it has even come this far there is no reason for it, but since its here I am dealing the best way I can. And handling it with lots of prayer!

as for Madaya, she just turned 4! The growth in her is amazing. She has come so far in the last 4 months even her counselor is amazed. She truly is wonderful. She loves our home life, and is more and more stable again even to the point of wanting to work on her school stuff again, for a long time she just lost all interest. She misses her dad, and asks of him often, but is starting to see the pattern. I know shes strong and that I am doing my best by her and that says allot!

As for my health --- doing OK. My immune system has its flairs, and my blood counts are still struggling.
I FINALLY had my hernia repair, skin removal, tummy tuck and breast lift on September 23rd. Healing from that is major and I am in a lot of pain, but getting better each day. I am 13 days post op I believe today, and now just have the binders on from hips to shoulders. They say I should start to feel and use my tummy muscles again in a couple of months. It ended up being 15lbs of tummy skin, and 2.4 lbs of breast skin/tissue!! That's allot. I do have pics but am nowhere near daring enough to share here :) .
I have to plug Tim in here. He has been a huge blessing with the around the clock care that I need. He changes, and cleans my drains makes sure I am on top of all medicines and is even helping maintain the house while I am down. Although, he does say he misses me! LOL its allot to do and he wonders how I do it.
I just reply, its a labor of love.

Speaking of love....

Aah, its all I am going to say :) Thank you for all your love and support. We truly are blessed. I wanted to share with you all the newest step for us.

We did start a class at our church for blending families. Its called smart step families and it teaches us to how to gear ourselves and children in a healthy direction in blending our lives. I have to say this is a huge blessing to us, even though we have it relatively " easy " with the kids, its not always easy and allot of hurt feelings do come up. So this class is a great tool. Tim and I are also in prayer and seeking direction on rather or not we as a couple should start a life group for other families in our boat. Obviously a few things have to be wrapped up first, but we are in prayer about it! Join us if you would please!

Alright well theres so much more, but honestly I have been sitting up now for about 15 minutes and its about all I can take.

Please bear with me, as I re-gain my sanity and begin posting more.

Love to you all!