Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkin Pickers

While at Greenbluff today Tim and I let the kids pick their pumpkins out... We had alot of fun watching all four of them ( and their cousins ) scurry about the pumpkin hill looking for just the right one.
Weston was a bit disapointed, but proud, when the giant pumpkin that he packed up the hill, outweighed all the other 3 combined and he had to select a smaller, more affordable one. All in all though we had a great day and on the way home we got to enjoy our fresh picked apples too!
There's nothing better than a day on the growers bluff, than a day on the bluff with some people you love!

Here is my pic of the patch :)

Laurens pumpkin

Westons heavy pumpkin

Roo's a pro picker

Brandons choice

Our 4 wrapping up the day

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