Wednesday, February 2, 2011

ENT visit

I took Madaya in today for her hearing test... those results weren't good at all.
Right ear with a loss of 40% hearing and negative 200 pressure and Left ear with 20% loss and negative 175 pressure =
A complete exam from the ENT and a final Dx that her ears are not functioning well due to the amount of fluid behind the ears the RX is tubes.
The ENT also discovered her tonsils and adenoids are swollen and causing sinus issues, so has recommended those be removed!
The ENT believes that Daya's allergies may actually be the back up of fluid in her sinuses because there is no where else for it to go because of the adenoids being so large.

Surgery will be March 7th. They will place bi lateral tubes, remove the tonsils and remove the adenoids.

Everyone says she will be like a whole new kid!

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