Monday, February 14, 2011

Love is in the air - Valentine's Day

A wonderful valentine's day!

I was kind of apprehensive about Valentine's Day this year. After all it hasn't been the best of holidays in the past, ya know?!
This year I had something very simple planned. A nice little gift for Tim, dinner at a nice restaurant and a game or 2 of pool where we had our first official date.
We got the kids all a little something and sent them off to school, and went on with our days.
I took Madaya to her pre-school Valentine's Day party and handed out her little valentine's day cards, then to her counseling appointment. Then I sent Daya to Grammy's for the night, and headed home.
When Tim got home from work I had his gift on the front porch, told him he cant come in, and a poem about the next step...
After following all the clues the night go underway with a game of pool at Far West billiards, and then a late night dinner at catacombs, an underground restaurant that we fell in love with.

The whole day and night was amazing!

A happy couple!

Tim's gift : A planner with one of my fav. scriptures engraved

Daya handing out her valentines

The kids goodies: 2 puppy cookies for the girls, and sponge bob kabobs for the boys

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