Sunday, June 13, 2010

A huge Blessing

I guess this comes to no surprise, after all some of you have been noticing a certain glow on me...

I know this is early, and still very new, but its with a cautious heart I announce my huge blessing!
I have met a man named, Tim. He comes at a horrible time in my life, but yet everything seems ok. Hes been a reason to smile, for no reason. A reason to cry because I can, and a great reason to celebrate life!
He has 3 beautiful children, is the perfect balance to my needs, and theres a natural connection there that I or he cannot seem to wrap ourselves around. He says hes sure in his heart that Daya and I have a place there - and I told him " prove it ". Harsh I know --- but you all know where Ive been and where Im from.

You all know I said over and over " Any man who chooses to love me has his work cut out for him. Im damaged, Im weak, Im leary.... "
My heart isnt easily won over.
I have alot to protect too!

We went from "knowing" each other for 4 months to "seeing" each other for a couple of weeks to " something " and its been fast, its been amazing, and its been ... um..... wonderful.

He breaks all my rules, and I am happy. Some say if he breaks your rules why keep him? Let me tell you! The rules he breaks are my rules, not Gods!
He has children - I didnt want to meet a man with kids. ( But have always wanted a big family! ) and I am totally captivated by these kiddos!
He has a past marriage - I didnt want to meet a man with this mess ( But wanted someone to understand my situation ). I have no doubt that we cant all be mutual in this situation.
He..... wow, is amazing. I need to stop.

I could go on and on with what I see in him. But for fear of embarrasing myself Ill save that for him and I.
The list of what I dont see is long as well - but not unforgivable or condemable.
my rules he breaks could just be God's answer to my needs.

I hope you can be as excited as I am to welcome Tim and his 3 children into my world.

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  1. Apes - You look *so* happy. I am happy to see you radiate happiness through a picture all the way across the country to me. You deserve it! The smile on your face says it all! Love you!!