Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This could explain alot!

Today I was thinking about this new Man in my life, and while I still am very conflicted on some levels with things theres one thing that is more and more clear...

I really can be ME, and still welcome such a wonderful man and his life to mine in hopes of sharing something wonderful.

At anyrate I am a reader, I like to "know it all" and in that quest most know I analize everything. So I went in search of my sign and its roots ( which I already knew) but in the search found something interesting: His sign.

I have been wondering for few weeks what it is about this man that has me so captivated. Right down to his kiss. Seriously I have never felt this connection physically with anyone - so why was it this man could come along, swoop me into his arms, kiss me with his lips and look at me with his eyes and I can be ok with it? Crave it? Want it?! I have been wondering why in the begining when he talked to me ( just as a friend, fellow church member etc ) I would want to linger.... listening longer. I have been wondering why I am so comfortable, even though my present world has been spinning.

Todays reading may explain a few things.

Now you know me - Faith before all else. So Horoscopes and the like really dont play much into things, but I do beleive the signs are something! I am so true to a " Sagittarius ".


Sagittarius : Are best mated with Aries. ( click on the links to learn more )

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  1. Blake's a Sag and guess what? I am an Aries. ;-) I am so happy for you April.