Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New blog for this new chapter

As I struggle to wrap up the ends in this Divorce ( and yes, I will release most blogs about it in time ) I am so excited to finally introduce my new blog.
This is going to continue to be my safe place, my therapy and my page to share my trials and triumphs.
I moved to this blog because like much of the past, its time to move on, and let the past be the past which also means some of the people in it.
I figure those who care, cared then... will care tomorrow and its only those I want to share every peice with!

I will update with this:

As of today we are coming to an agreement in the divorce settlement. Things have been rocky but I have held tight to my self convictions and beleifs and while I know I could have had more I am happy to say that its almost done, and its not at all about what I did or didnt get. Mike is moving on ( planning to marry his girlfriend ) and Madaya and I are struggling to find our safe ground. I am remaining stable, since he hasn't and trying to provide the best I can for Roo bug. Slowly shes coming around and I am starting to notice big things in her. One step at a time....

I will release the other blogs as I feel safe in doing so.

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