Monday, May 3, 2010

Oh roo bug

Things have been so tough with roo lately. She is seeing her counselor ( THANK GOD ) and it does help but I know the root of the problem is all the commotion from her dads side of things. There is still no stable home, no set place and although there is a every other weekend schedule its not to the point that its well established yet.
Mike calls off often, or cant take her cause of work alot still, and shes feeling that.

In good news shes more and more open when she comes home from there. She is talking more and more of Selina and Daddy and I am working very hard on the " its ok " issue with her. Trying to instill in her that she is first in his life ( i just pray so! ) and that Daddy and Selina live together and she may be a big part of her life. While I dont always like the idea, I do like that she seems to take good care of her while there! I have yet to meet her.

Roo loves going to school and thats proving to be a good outlet for her - shes also starting to show more interest in her home schooling things again, and her toys that she didnt like for awhile, all things I am told are good signs that shes feeling ok here and protected - thank god cause I am working my butt off to prove her stability and love.

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