Sunday, May 16, 2010

This is how I "row"

Many of you know the passion I have for the lake, I have been spending some much needed time there. It's often one of the only places I feel like God and I agree on life. The beauty of nature, the sounds of the season, and the peacefulness is enough to make me forget anything I am currently going through, dream about where I want to be and leaves me longing for the next time I come back.
Recently this has found a new chapter - I decided to take a Kayaking class to better educate myself on the true forms, and safety of the sport. I know I know how hard can it be right--- ha - GO TRY IT!
I love the challenge its posed, the people Ive met, and the fun that I have had. Its the most private thing Ive done for me in a very long time, and while I enjoy the idea that I could get lost in the waters that surround me the reality is is that it too comes to an end, but is something I can easily do whenever.
I am in the process of getting a Kayak that Roo and I may both enjoy. Right now I will settle for renting, but either way its a great way to "row".
I snapped these pics while out today --- Guess who plans to add photography back into her life :) ( these however were with a point and shoot )

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