Monday, September 28, 2009

WLS : 6 Month Surgi-versary

6 months is here and now gone ...

It's now been 6 months since my life changed forever. This past week was full of appointments for and to do with my WLS and my 6 month surgiversary.
First off a check up with my endocrinologist revealed that my thyroid is now being over stimulated, so again, the dose needs lowered. I will drop down to 150mcg of Levoxyl and stay on the 10mcg of sytomel. Hopefully with this tweak my thyroid can become regular again. All other things appear to be somewhat normal or increasingly better from her standpoint.
Second a trip to my OB/GYN to try to figure out why I have yet to pass this latest pregnancy ( they suspected a chemical pg / early misscarriage ) and to find out where my female health stands at this point. What I got out of it was a pap- oh joy, and a lecture on how this much extra skin stores estrogen reserves and can cause some pain down below ( gee- ya think?! ) He did however run more test, update my chart, and tell me that he is 100% ok with me Trying to get pregnant upon my surgeons realease and that we would work in that direction as soon as I am balanced out again. It was good to see him as I havent seen him since after roo was born - and even better see what the scale said.... 139lbs! Fully clothed. With a script for the fertility drugs in hand that we can use when we are ready and some lab slips in the other I left his office to go upstairs to my 3rd and final appointment for my 6 month check up -

I met with Megan Vulcan the ARNP for my 6th month check up at 1pm. I weighed in and then took myseat anxiously because I was feeling like I havent succeeded in this journey.
She came in with a chart that showed somem percentages " 40% 41-60% 61-80% 81-100% " and then my name with a 97%. She didn't say anything about this chart at first, and went on to go over my labs, where I learned I am anemic ( need to go back on iron injections ) and that my overall lab work looked good. Infact so good that it led her to that 97% on the paper..... I am 6 months out and have lost 97% of my excess weight! I have <5lbs style="color:#ff0000;">(226)
Jeans size 6 (18)
Tops S-M (XXL)
Shoes 7 (8.5)
Ring 8 (11)

Measurements :
BODY PART DAY OF SURGERY (3/27/09) 6w VISIT (4/20/09) 3m post op (7/14/09) 4 month anniversary (7/27/09) & 6m anniversary (9/27/09) & DIFFERENCE FROM SURGERY DAY!

Left Arm 14.5" 14" 12" 11" 10.75" -3.75"
Left Thigh 28.5" 25.75" 21" 19.5" 18.5" -10"
Left Calf -- -- -2.75" 14" 14" 13"
Chest ( across largest point in bra ) 50.25" 47.5" 42.5" 41" 38" -12.25"
Waist 49" 45.5" 37" 35" 33" -16"
Hips 50" 48" 42" 41" 37" -13"
Neck 15.75" 14.75" 13.5" -- 13" -2.75"
Wrist -- -- -- -- 6" 6" 6"
Total loss 57.75" in 86lbs!

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