Monday, September 21, 2009

We knew she was special but now THEY think so too!

A few months back my SIL had received a letter in the mail stating that her daughter had been nominated and would soon be tested for the Tessera program, and they would keep her informed as to if she is making it through each step needed to be accepted into the program... we waited anxiously as they " tested " and did their little hoopla they have to do.
I was one proud auntie for sure to be thinking this is amazing, we know she is so special - now THEY think she is too!

While they tested my neice, they never really said what for, but she kinda knew it was something special because a very select few got to do what she was doing, she handled it very well though and went about her normal 8 year old self funloving summer!

Then comes the best news..... I about screamed ( maybe I did scream?! ) as my SIL read me the letter

( of which I will see if I can attach a copy here )

To the parents of VICTORIA WORLEY,

...... Victoria has been selected for entry into the Tessera program!

Then as she read more I cried. I am so stinking happy for this little girl. She is so bright and shows so much promise. Anyone who sees this child work on math, reading and just about anything inbetween can see she clearly is above where she shoudl be. This is a honor for her to do - and I think she will soar with this program!

Selina chose to share the acceptance letter that afternoon with Victoria, upon picking her up after school. She was smart enough ( See thats where toria gets it ;) ), to snap a pic as victoria read through the letter and learned of her great accomplishment!

Congratulations Victoria! We are so very proud of you!
( and hat's off to Jeff and Selina too - your raising two terrific kids - and it shows!)

Victoria -

Uncle Mikey, Daya and I along with your Mommy and Daddy as so excited to share this new adventure with you and watch you grow even more. We beleive in you and support you and cannot wait to see your smile as you tell us everything new your learning. Never forget who you are and where you come from - and realize just how blessed you are young lady.

All our love,
Uncle Mikey, Aunt April and Daya too!

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