Friday, September 18, 2009

I had a lunch date

In the middle of the afternoon there Daya and I were sitting on the lawn, under a huge oak tree eating our watermellon, hamburgers and sipping chocolate milk with a very special lil' man...

Sounds nice huh!

Morgan called a couple of weeks ago to invite Daya and I to his school for the family BBQ so we gladly went and joined him.
It was a beautiful afternoon, the food wasnt too bad ( lets keep in mind it IS school lunch ) and we got to play in the feild at recess time too! His teacher isn't very friendly or accomodating so we didn't get to stay and read or anything like that as Daya and Morgan were hoping - but all in all it was a wonderful treat.

The more I spend time with these lil people the more I love them - its funny to see them in their "environment" they really are fun to watch and for a people watcher like myself its so funny and entertaining!

on a end note Even more so than putting daya in with senior citizens putting daya in with her cousin's classmates .... is like throwing fresh meat to a bunch of sharks. Good lord!

Thanks Morgan for the invite!

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