Friday, September 4, 2009

WLS : 5 months post op

You get the idea! ( Mike said he will try to take some comparrison pics this weekend )

Wow - When time flies it really does fly. I keep forgetting to get my 5 month photos taken and put up - so since its past I'll have to put a crappy one up just for your veiwing pleasure.
August 27th - marked 5 months post op.
As of that day I was down 82lbs.
I had about 15-17lbs to go.
Comfortably I am wearing a size 8 ... most are size 6.
The weight loss has slowed way down thank goodness and I am eating more calories now. Trying to get in about 900-1000 a day with working out. It seems to be working well.

Thats about a week ago - and even with a vacation and not eating right I am down 4lbs!
Today's weight at 5 months 2 weeks post op is 142.2lbs!
I wont do measurements till this months anniversary so stay tuned!
Mike said he is now down about 35lbs too!!! Just 20lbs

more to go for him - I am so proud!

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