Friday, December 24, 2010

I hear wedding bells... or ...

..... or something, but whatever it is it has a "Ring" to it!

Tim proposed tonight. Christmas Eve!
Tomorrow is our 7 month anniversary -- and even though I know we have talked about being together and married I guess I just kind of figured that when and if the time came it would be down the road a little bit.
Tonight he made several comments about how after we take his kids to their moms, and take daya to Mike that we would go see christmas lights. I was all for that since I love to look at lights especially on Christmas Eve and in the snow :) .

Away we went... we dropped all 4 kids off and then headed out - we made our way towards our church as Tim said there was some homes he was aware of down in that area all decked out. We got to the church ( it happens to overlook the river valley area ) and he started talking about the night he finally had the guts to ask for my phone number about 8 months ago. We were talking and when he got to the " spot " that he asked me for my number he parked in the middle of the lane, leaned over, slipped my "temporary ring" on my finger and said " April, it began here... Can it continue here? Will you be my wife?" , ( gush right?! ) .... I replied with "I will".

So... 6 months from tomorrow we will wed. We would have made it sooner, but we have alot to get settled first. God moves!

I never thought I would be in these shoes and boy do I pray each day to be making things right. But how blessed I am to be here. And now.

Tim, I cannot wait to continue this walk and make it right before God with you! You are an amazing friend and man and I am honored to now call you my fiance! Thank you for all you do, and all you are!
Your WIFE to be!

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