Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas BLISS

This year is the first year in MANY years that I can honestly say not a worry in the world hit me!
I was kind of nervous a few weeks ago as things got closer, but when I seriously just prayed about it and let all things go I had a real feeling of peace.

Mike was able to make it to town ( a huge prayer being answered as I didn't have to part with Daya for a week in Louisiana ) and he agreed to let me have Christmas Eve with her, and him take her Christmas Day.
This worked well since we have the other 3 kids on Christmas Eve and not on Christmas Day. Christmas Eve we had some of my family over for gifts and breakfast, and then quiet time with just our kids and us at the house until we headed to Nana Sue and Grandpa Dave ( Tim's parents house ) for dinner and gifts there. It was a great relaxed no pressure day all the way around and the kids had a blast.
We were able to pull off a simple Christmas for all 4 kids, and even received a few blessings ourselves. All the glory to God for that however because as most of you know nothing else in our life is easy right now, and money especially is a huge hardship.
Christmas Eve night Tim surprised me with the biggest gift of all --- a proposal. Christmas day Tim and I took his parents to the airport and ended up at starbucks for coffee and breakfast before I had to be to work. I know right, who works on Christmas day... ME!
After work we took a nap, and then headed to my Aunts house for a nice little time with some more of my family. I even got to introduce my Mr. to my aunt and some other members of the family too :) It was a wonderful time.

If theres one thing I can reflect on it is God's peace and glory. So much has happened this year and so much has changed. The biggest thing being my heart and a couple of hearts around me.
All glory to him.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed new year!

( pics to come soon )

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