Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Another month gone.. update

Another random check in.
I got up early this morning to post on here, because its been driving me nutty that I have not had time to update. The only good thing I can think of is, not logging in gives me time to see if its something worth blogging about!

Ha -
So..... again, its been more than a month since I have logged in and posted publicly. I have some good ones, and I will publish as soon as I attach the photos.
In all though things are fantastic.

I am feeling good much of the time and even though I have my struggles each new day brings a chance to realize how blessed I am through everything and how things have changed.
Madaya is amazingly healthy, growing well and thriving more than ever. We had her to the nutritionist the other day and for the first time in a long time she was in the the growth pattern of 5%. But its on an incline vs. the downslide we had been seeing for the past 2 years. Talk about a happy momma.

Tim is doing well too --- still struggling with his lack of work, and self regrets about some of his behavior but in all is pushing through and relying on our awesome God. He has another interview for a teaching position this friday ( a previously applied for an interviewed position ) and he is keeping his fingers crossed. He is hoping to find another job as well, so that he can provide at the level he feels needed. I am just proud of him for doing what he can do right now. I know its hard - but I know we will get through it.

Come the first of the year ( gulp - I cannot believe its that close ) I will start my new daily bible devotional and reading plan, and I hope to use my blog as my journal, along with my updates. So maybe that way I will see a good healthy pattern emerge again...

Until then Ill be back soon to update on things ( and publish the other posts ).

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