Sunday, August 29, 2010

Home sweet...


Before Tim decided I would move in here, he decided he wanted to re-do a few things in the house. We then together decided it needed re-freshed before I could/would come ( No offense to his Ex Wife - I just couldnt do it ).
So ...

We painted the frontroom, upstairs bedrooms, and started to fix the bathroom ( it needed a new sink ) ...

That was 2 months ago.
This morning heres the re-cap.

We have a beutiful bedroom for the girls thats painted, and finished out we ripped the carpet out, and did their floors with the wood that was in there a beautiful oak! We have a nice room that I am living in - its all painted, new outlets and redone floors too...
We have a toilet, LOL Long story, but its not upstairs in the bathroom, its downstairs. Why? Because the upstairs bathroom needed work ( A new sink ) cant you see how the toilet would be out? HA! .... Seriously though Mr. Young decided the cracked tiles needed to be replaced which let to discovering mold, which led to discovering more tiles, which led to re-doing the bathroom. So... We have a sink in there, a newly retiled window sill, and partial floor, and soon will have the toilet again. His dad installed the toilet downstairs so we were stuck. Downstairs was plummed and will someday be our master bathroom, but for now we have dubbed it our " honey bucket " . Its a lavish black plastic incased 6x6 foot room with a porcelin throne in the middle... who wouldnt want to use it?!
The front room did get painted, but needs to be trimmed out still, the kitchen, hall way, and downstairs are left completely a mess right now... but someday we will get there.

Ill have to take some pics of this mess. Any remodel is hard but imagine doing it like this, and doing it during an eviction, school, work, summer, and LIFE.

I appreciate Tims thinking that I deserve the best, and truly know that why he has been working so hard on making all this "perfect" im quick to tell him that stuff doesnt matter - its him :).

Home sweet.. mess.

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  1. Sounds like things are going good. So happy for you April! :)