Thursday, February 11, 2010

Not that kind of mom?

So tomorrow Madaya has her first Valentine's Day party at school!
Talk about funny.
You know she loves ben cooper .... lol.
So this year I had many intentions. I would make the cutest valentines, the cutest little cupcakes and show everyone just how special Daya's mom is....

Well, heres my admission :
I really really love to craft, and lord knows I can create beyond all, but this is not about me, this is Daya. So with that I refuse to be one of those mom's who show up only to show off MY work as to show who is who. Its not who I want to be, and honestly don't want to be thought of as " the mom who does it all " . Daya did a great job. She picked out tinker bell cards, hand scribbled on them :) and we made chocolate cupcakes to which we frosted with store bought ( I KNOW CAN YOU BELEIVE US?! ) frosting, and then she put candy hearts on top!
You know what.... I kind of like the fact that I am " Not that kind of mom! ".

I cannot wait to see her party. I am hoping to make it if I don't have a full day at work....

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