Sunday, May 31, 2009


When it comes to my body apparently many are now feeling its ok to give me a report on how I am doing... LOL!
Alot of people keep saying theres a big difference, but then theres a few who see me who say " they cant tell".
I truely dont notice it on myself until my clothes are way different or something. I like many other people who have gone through this am still seeing ME in the mirror. That brings the bad with the good.

Today was good though :)

For the first time in MANY years ( at least 10! ) I shopped in the Minus Section ( you know, as opposed to the Plus size section that I am soooo accustom to) picked up the only pair of shorts the store had left in the color I wanted, noticed it was a size 12, laughed and ...
THEN SMILED!!! They fit fine. Im not happy with how my body is looking/changing and you could see my rollies on the top so I didnt buy them, but it was sure nice to not have to suck in, hold my breath and hope for some gut suckers! LMAO!
I know in a few more weeks, as long as I keep up the hard work they will be loose too, and Ill be laughing at myself but its great motivation! To think a lil over 2 months ago I was snug in some 20's. And now litterally most are completely falling off!

Ive never felt better health wise, I have a ton of energy, a whole new outlook and now a new size! All this hard work is worth it! Its got to be! I changed my life!
I truely know why they say this is the best bonus to the long journey Im taking. And can clearly see why those who DO HAVE THE SURGERY for weight loss are pleased! My honey moon phase will soon be over, and I will find myself struggling to NOT loose weight. That very thought is scarey to me, and uncharted so I do get anxious of whats to come... for now though - learning the healthy ways!

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