Wednesday, May 27, 2009

WLS : 2 months out and I know where I am headed

Today marks my 2 month surgiversary!
This week when I saw the sign ( see above )
I knew exactly which way I needed to go... and I am still headed in that direction! I will Succeed!
Everyday still brings new choices, new lessons and new ways of doing things but for the most part I would say I am doing well.
I do have cravings, and I do cave... But I am human.
I am still eating 500-700 calories a day. Trying for 6 meals but more likely getting 3-4 in. I do take both vitamins and my minerals each day though and just this week re-introduced my kidney meds. Sounds silly but really thats ALOT to accomplish!
The scale is somewhere around 176-179lbs and I am holding at a size 14/16.
Im happy! Beyond happy and more than the weight loss, I am so excited to officially announce I AM OFF MOST OF MY MEDICATIONS WITH NO SIGNS OF THEM COMING BACK!!!! After all it has only been 2 months since surgery day!
I have alot to be thankful for... Im happy, healthy and 1/2 way to goal. Life is hard, but good!

Heres my 2 month pics...

Body Close Up - Full Veiw - Head Shot

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